We're Back in Bay

We're Back in Bay



It's so good to be back. I mean, we never left the bay but its so good to have the SUPERbrand label back in action. Founding shapers collective shapers, Adam "Sparrow" Fletcher and Jason Koons, are set to take on a brand they helped build. They were part of the original crew that launched the brand back in 2008. They were shaping for all team and collaborated on all your favorite SUPERbrand designs from the Fling and PigDog to the Toy, Magic Mix, Black Viper, Spam and many more. 

Our first priority for North America was to open up for custom orders. We are hoping to begin partnering with our best retail partners as we move into this Summer/Fall. We've been receiving a lot of inquiries since the brand opened back up for business in Australia and we've been working hard to start reopening different markets all over the world. As of today we are operating in Australia, Japan, US, and have things in motion to begin re-opening up Europe and several markets in South America.


We are stoked to be back and to bring you all the classic SUPERbrand hits as well as a few new bangers to elevate your surfing experience.

If your interested in getting a board, getting product for your region or store, please hit us up on the contact form on this site. We would be stoked to hear from you. 

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