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Spam - Hot N Spicy

Spam - Hot N Spicy

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All boards built to order in 4-6 weeks.



Introducing the ultimate hybrid surfboard: the "Spam Hot and Spicy". We’ve taken the best features from two iconic models to create a board that’s perfect for maximizing your fun in sub par conditions. We’ve started with the original "Spam", a fast and fishy thruster or 2+1 board that excels in small surf. We’ve incorporated its wider outline with a single to double concave into vee through the winged swallow tail, giving you the speed, you need and super tight turning options. But that’s not all. To make the Spam Hot and Spicy truly exceptional, we’ve borrowed from the Pig Dog. Its extra width under your chest ensures natural speed and easier paddling.


•Wave Quality: Any small to medium conditions

•Wave Size: 1-5’

•Best Performance: 2-5’

•Ability/Experience: Intermediate to advanced

•Rocker: Medium continuous

•Rails: Medium/Full rails

•Outline: Wide-ish

•Bottom: Single to deep double and V off the tail

•Tail Shape: Wing Swallow

•Fin Setup: Twin +1

Wave Quality  Any small to medium conditions
Wave Size 1 to 5 feet
Best Performance 2  to 4 feet  
Ability/Experience Beginner to Pro
Rocker Low continuous modern fish rocker
Rails Medium / Full
Outline Wide-ish
Bottom Single to deep double with vee off the tail
Tail Shape Swallow with wing
Fin setup Thruster (Twin + 1)



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We've done it all. Here is what we like best.

Premium PU

There is nothing quite like a brand new PU /Poly straight from the sanding room and into the water. The feel and the flex is confortable and predictable. Built right, and cared for properly a PU can last you several years and sometiimes decades.

At the smallest sizes we use all 4 oz. By the time we get over 32L we do the top layer with 6 oz.

Stock Glassing :

  • Deck: E Glass + S Glass (Full Patch) + E Glass Tail Patch
  • Bottom: E Glass

Premium EPS

EPS Epoxy builds can be lively, with a ton of long lasting pop. 

The cores are super light so we can add extra reinforsement. The glassing schedule below is our original schedule and has become the industry standard for high performance long lasting EPS Epoxies. 

Stock Build :

  • Blank: +2lb Marko EPS Core w/ Stringer
  • Deck Glass: Warp Glass + Biax
  • Bottom: Warp Glass


The absolute best flexing epoxy boards we have built. It blends just enough give with excellent rebound is this ultra minmalist glassing. Carbon tail patches can increase “tail cancer” and carbon strips, particularly the ones that don't run the lenght of the boards, can actually cause buckles. So we are saying no to carbon in this Anti-Carbon constuction. Its light, strong and has an insanely intuitive flex response. 

Stock Build :

  • Blank: +2lb Marko EPS Core - Stringerless
  • Deck Glass: Warp Glass + Biax
  • Bottom: Warp Glass